Honda S660

Honda S660 Review: “A true midship sportscar, with its heart for the corners” by Naoki Aoyama

I test drove the Honda S660 on public roads and through winding roads of Kochi, Shikoku.

The CVT model will rev to 7,700 RPM, and once you free the accelerator, you will hear a sporty sound from the relief tone of the blow-off valve. Then, by pressing the select button, a red light will turn on from the meter. Those are excellent functions, but there are more that impressed me.

First, I drove with a companion, and we were able to pass a slope without feeling dissatisfied about its power. In addition to the full torque engine performance, it has a synergy with its strong traction performance as it is equipped with the following: a heavyweight engine was arranged with a midship layout at the rear part of the cabin; its front and rear parts has a weight distribution of 45:55; it has 6MT gear with 1-5 speed (Its 6-speed patrol is added with 3000 rotations equal to 100km/h); and it is equipped with an ADVAN Neova wheels that has a front size of 165/55R15 and rear size of 196/45R16.

When I cut its steering while we were in the winding road, I noticed these things: a good feeling in turning, the ease in landing of front and rear tires, an impressively controllable transcendence of stability, a footwork with super high stability and maneuverability, an extraordinary rotation performance, and a brake feel that is rich in braking force and control. Those kinds of performances are fitting for beginners in sports cars, but for those who are already familiar with the sports car, I just might unconsciously smile about it–I want to affirm that it is within the satisfactory level.

Certainly, in addition to the equipment of the VSA, a vehicle stability equipment that enables you to enjoy safetiness in a sports car, the agile handling assist that controls the car in a stable direction during rotation also has a huge effect.

Unfortunately, it was not mentioned in the catalog, but the young development team proudly told me about these things: “It is equipped with a car nose”, “It can stick closely to the road surface”, “It is firm”, “It kicks when starting up”. The enjoyment in turning the car and having a pleasant feeling when entering the corner until you escape from it is real indeed. The S660 is easy to grasp, and I can say that you can converse with it as you drive it like a friend you can trust.

Incidentally, it rained when we were test driving so we had to use the equipped roll top. The front and rear parts are equipped with three overhangs made of steel so you cannot close it with just one function from the driver’s seat, like in the Mazda Roadster. However, stopping the car is always an option; plus, it is not difficult to enable the rolltop roof.

Through that, you can take the roll top roof, which is kept in a utility box inside the hood, out into the roof part, fix it in both sides with a lever and lock it on the top-center part of the front window.

If it is mounted with a roll top roof and is closed, I, who is 172cm tall, still have a 13cm space parallel to the roof; this distance is similar to Honda’s flagship sedan, the Legend, at the overhead direction, thus it is enough for me. On the other hand, my companion was 181cm tall so the space was almost insufficient. But if your head seems to touch the roll top or the roll bar, you can adjust your position through its reclining seat.

To think of the S660 as a micro sport kei car that costs 2 million yen is a complete mistake. It is absolutely right to think it is a delight to buy a genuine sports car worth 2 million yen. It uses a high-performing tires called Neova, ADVAN’s best street tires, and from its excellent performance, the S660’s level of performance is refined. Later on, I also test drove its CVT equipped version; it does not lose against the 6MT in terms of an enjoyable maneuverability and excellent feel.

“If you immerse yourself in it for a day, you will understand it,” said Ryoma Sakamoto of Tosa (currently Kochi). Thus, if you get yourself engrossed in riding the S660, you will soon realize the greatness of its MT.

â–  5 Star Rating
Packaging: ★★★★
Interior / Comfort: ★★★★
Power Source: ★★★★★
Footwork: ★★★★★
Recommendation: ★★★★★
Pet-friendliness: ★

Naoki Aoyama| Motor Journalist/ Dock Life Journalist
He became a freelance motor journalist after working as an editor for an automotive magazine. He started as a writer to specialist on automotive magazines, then general news magazines and websites. He also worked on publication of pet (dog) and overseas travel, pet and drive-related television program as well as events. He is currently, expanding his career as a dog life producer.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)