Toyota Corolla Hybrid (2015 Auto Shanghai)

2015 Shanghai Motor Show: Show Car Library – Toyota’s Corolla and Levin featuring hybrid units made in China

On April 29, the final day of 2015 Auto Shanghai, Toyota Motor Corporation debuted their Corolla Hybrid to the Chinese market.

Toyota, which refers to hybrids as “showanchin” in China, also released their Levin Hybrid on the same day.

Research and development for these hybrid systems were conducted mainly by a team of Chinese developers at Toyota’s R&D center in Changshu, Jiangsu. Tuning (for China) and reliability tests were conducted and locally made parts were used in assembling these systems with its suppliers in China.

The Corolla Hybrid will be produced by FAW Toyota, a joint venture between Toyota Motor Corporation and China FAW Corporation, and released from its sales network to the Chinese market. Although its prices are still unknown at this time, FAW Toyota has announced that the Corolla Hybrid will be released this fall.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)