Daihatsu Wake

Daihatsu head Yoshitake says Wake and Tanto creating a new vehicle category

At an April 27 Tokyo press conference to discuss financial results, Daihatsu Motor Co. Senior Managing Executive Director Ichiro Yoshitake said that the new Wake is aimed at a new demographic for the company and that, and that with the similarly tall Tanto, the company had managed to create a new market segment.

He explained the sales situation of the new Wake, which was introduced last November. “We set a sales goal of 5,000 units per month,” he said, “but sales are holding steady at 7,000 per month. We’re targeting a new male demographic for the Wake along with the Tanto. This is a demographic that likes the outdoors and usually drives minivans.”

About the Tanto, he expressed confidence that, “We’ve created a new market segment. I think we’re creating a new vehicle category.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)