Auto side step

New Honda Stepwgn Launch: Original accessories that give importance on comfort, from city cruising to spending a night in the car

Honda Access plans to release various original accessories of the new Stepwgn on April 24, the same day as the vehicle’s release.

The original accessories are based on the ‘Creator of Memories’ concept. They provided various items in order for users to spend a memorable time along with the Stepwgn from everyday use to holiday outing.

The center console bag that can hold accessories and the leather grip that has a familiar feeling on the hand were on the lineup as useful items for everyday driving on the city. The auto side step contributes to the ease of getting on and off the vehicle. It operates and moves as you open and close the passenger seat door and the left sliding door.

In addition, the USB charger for fast charging can be mounted on the second-row seat. It is possible to enjoy a more convenient tablet terminal by using the smart clip and the tablet holder.

A luggage floor mat that is convenient for boarding, a luggage box, and the back seat pocket that can be used effectively in the luggage space are available for the Waku Waku Gate, which is the feature of the Stepwgn. In addition, they will also provide a connected mat and a hammock table that can be used if you want to spend the night in the vehicle.

The customized items, the 17-inch aluminum wheels, fog light garnish, and fender emblem, further show its presence. The sound that has the Euro Horn’s profound feeling highlights its quality.

They provided a 9-inch premium inter navigator screen for the Gathers Navigation. Furthermore, they will provide an easy-to-see viewing environment for those who want to ride on the second and third row, by providing an 12-inch rear seat mirror.

(Translted by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)