Mitsubishi eK Space

Photo Feature: All-new Mitsubishi eK Space – The basic model in light cherry pink two-tone coloring

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation launched the all-new eK Space and the all-new eK Space Custom super height kei wagons on April 23. The minor updates to these all-new models were based on ‘comfort,’ ‘convenience,’ and ‘security.’ This is a photo feature of the eK Space, which is the basic model.

The updates include a new two-tone exterior coloring. The eK Space is available in two two-tone coloring: the ‘Sakura Pink Metallic x White Pearl’ and the ‘Chocolate Brown Pearl x White Pearl’. The eK Space in Sakura Pink x White Metallic two-tone coloring on these photos appear to look soft.

The eK Space has an overall length, width and height of 3395mm, 1475mm and 1775mm, respectively. Its cabin’s overall length, width and height are 2235mm, 1320mm and 1400mm. It has a ground clearance of 150mm, and the curb weight of the E Grade and the G Grade are 920kg and 930kg, respectively (their 4WD versions each weigh an additional 50kg).

It is mounted with a 660cc inline three-cylinder naturally aspirated engine that generates a maximum output of 49ps/6,500rpm and a maximum torque of 6.0kgm/5,000rpm. The updates also feature improved fuel efficiency by 0.2km/liter. Furthermore, Mitsubishi has expanded the range of the idling stop’s coast stop from 9km to 13km.

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)