Mitsubishi eK Space Custom (left) and eK Space (right)

Newly Improved eK Space uses two-tone color that is popular in the Auto Salon

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation partially improved the eK Space and the eK Space Custom, lightweight super height wagon-type vehicles. They released it on April 23. In this improvement, they used the new two-tone style for the first time.

They provided two colors to the basic eK Space, which are Sakura Pink Metallic × White Pearl and Chocolate Brown Pearl, and two two-tone colors, which are Red Metallic × Black Mica and White Pearl × Black Mica.

Its fuel efficiency is improved, together with the naturally aspirated engine and turbo engine vehicles.

In the naturally aspirated engine vehicle, the coast to stop area of the idling stop function (when the vehicle speed is constant or less, the engine functions automatically stops) was expanded. The fuel consumption rate in JC08 mode is improved by 0.2km/liter by stopping the engine from 9km/h up to 13km/h or below.

Meanwhile, the turbo engine uses the idling stop function for the first time.
Its fuel consumption rate is improved by 1.8km/liter for both 2WD and 4WD vehicles.

Through this improvement, the Custom T 4WD grade has achieved the additional 10% from the fuel economy standard of 2015. Other grades achieved the fuel economy standards of 2020 and all models were subjected to eco-car tax reduction.

Mitsubishi’s PR manager said, “In particular, using the two-tone color reflects the feedback from the two-tone color concept, which was exhibited at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon. In addition, it enhanced its appeal by improving the fuel efficiency. We want to work on the product development to continue and appeal to more people in the future.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)