Subaru Pleo Plus Black Edition

Subaru Pleo Plus, a special specification equipped with black roof

Fuji Heavy Industries created the Black Edition special specification vehicle on the Subaru Pleo Plus. They started its sales on April 22.

The Black Edition is based on the L/LA Smart Assist high-quality grade with complete comfortable equipment. It uses an exclusive dark-plated front grille and an exclusive 14-inch aluminum wheels, which gave it a stylish exterior. The interior consists of black elements, such as its black seats. Although it enhances the texture in the interior, its price setting remained affordable compared to the base vehicle.

They provided fiesta yellow, an exclusive color, for the body color, and they added three two-tone colors, which were combined with a carbon black rook attached with an exclusive film. It is provided with a total of 14 color variations.

The 2WD model costs 1,036,800 yen and the AWD costs 1,177,200 yen. The two-tone color feature costs 32,400 yen.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)