Suzuki iM-4 (2015 Shanghai Motor Show)

2015 Shanghai Motor Show: Suzuki premieres iM-4 in China, considers to release it in the market

Suzuki debuted the concept car iM-4 during the 2015 Shanghai Motor Show on April 20 in China.

The iM-4 had its world debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show in March. It’s a personal small 4WD car, and its concept is “To create inspiration”. The DNA of Suzuki’s 4WD and its new technology are blended in a unique design. The iM-4 is a newly proposed model that aims to inspire its passengers through extending the compact car’s area of activity, the possibility of self expression and enjoyment.

Even though it has a simple facade, it brings about attachment and familiarity, and its design expresses modernness. It has a shell-shaped hood that is a known feature in Suzuki 4WD cars such as the Escudo, and it uses the black color for pillars A and B just like the Swift.

Moreover, the moulding from the edge to the rear part of the C pillar inherited from the first Cervo and Fronte Coupe models is a design that make us feel the tradition of Suzuki. For its body size, its overall length is 3,693mm, its overall width is 1,709mm, and its overall height is 1,566mm.

Its has a 1.2L Dualjet powertrain equipped with an SHVS mild hybrid system. It aims for low fuel consumption and low CO2 emission. It also used the next generation lightweight platform.

This iM-4 car had its China premiere in the 2015 Shanghai Motor Show in China which started on April 20. A representative from Suzuki stated, “We have been considering a mass production of this model to cultivate a new category in China through this model”. We are aiming to release this product in China in the future.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)