Suzuki's new 1.4L in-line turbo gasoline engine, the Boosterjet, at the 2015 Shanghai Motor Show

2015 Shanghai Motor Show: Suzuki unveils new 1.4L in-line turbo engine

Suzuki made the world premiere of its newly developed Boosterjet 1.4L in-line turbo gasoline engine on April 20, the opening day of the 2015 Shanghai Motor Show.

The Boosterjet has improved output and torque due to its supercharger and the improved fuel efficiency due to being made in-line. The engine area’s layout has also been optimized and lightened to meet the demands of body size and weight.

Suzuki has developed the lightweight turbo engine to be used for its newly developed compacts. It plans to release models using the Boosterjet in China first and then throughout the world.

(Translated by Greg Scott)