Suzuki Alto

Suzuki Alto Review: Light maneuverability is produced, with its 650kg body weight

The Alto, a standard type of kei car, has achieved a substantial lighter weight after its full model change. At present, kei cars are very likely to be heavier when it has complete equipments. However, the Alto was made even lighter by 60kg compared to its previous model. The FF layout of the luxury grade, the X, earned a light weight of 650kg as well.

Its lightness in weight has something to do with its light maneuverability. It will start running smoothly when you lightly step on its accelerator pedal, and after starting the car, a smooth acceleration ensues. This lightness considerably makes you feel good. It reminds us once again that it is important for a car to be light.

If you want to drive it in high spirits, you can step hard on its accelerator as well. Its CVT with subtransmission powerfully accelerates on the low side depending on the degree of its acceleration.

I cannot say that the lightness of its body and maneuverability does not have something to do with how substandard it looks like. Still, one musn’t feel it looks strangely cheap. It cannot be helped that kei cars are inferior compared to high grade cars in term of maneuverability, but you cannot feel unsatisfied with the Alto’s maneuverability. Its body rigidity was enhanced based on its newly developed platform and it has parts that are connected with its maneuverability.

It achieved lightness and its fuel consumption has improved. The FF type has achieved 37km per liter with the JC08 fuel consumption. It is lined up with the hybrid car Aqua, and it has the world’s best fuel consumption among the gasoline cars in the market. This low fuel consumption was made possible by adding the energy charge, Idling Stop system and other various improvements together with the SUZUKI GREEN Technologies.

In addition to the new platform, the form of its suspension was also changed. They used a torsion beam suspension system to make this Alto model light, but additionally, this is also one factor contributing to the flat riding feel. Thus, its comfortability is increased.

When you ride on the new Alto, you will find that it is equipped with a seat lifter adjusted to 60mm and a tilt steering wheel expanded by 35mm; thus its detailed adjustments can guarantee you the most suitable driving position. There are many equipments absent in a kei car, but I can say that it does not lack equipment that gives you a proper posture when driving.

Its interior have become more spacious. The main reason for that is they used a newly developed platform. With the new platform developed to address the various needs of this generation, such as the lightening of weight, raising of rigidity and improvement of safetiness, this will be used in the upcoming cars that Suzuki will be developing from now on.

With the high grade X and FF type, its price is around 1.1 million yen. It was completed with auto air conditioning, keyless push start system and a door mirror with an LED blinker. It is standardly equipped with a radar brake support system.

Its lower grade, the S has a radar brake support equipped as an option, and it costs around 1 million yen. It is good that one has the option to use either the X or the S grade. It generally has indeed a reasonable price. If you are the type of customer who budgets money for car expenses and other expenses at the same time, I think you should choose the Alto. Its grade with the lowest price is not equipped with a back seat head restraint. But that is out of the question.

â–  5 Star Rating
Packaging: ★★★★
Interior/Comfort: ★★★★
Power Source: ★★★
Footwork: ★★★
Recommendation: ★★★★

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)