Subaru Levorg 1.6 GT EyeSight

Subaru to use Japan’s first Advance Safety Package on Levorg

Fuji Heavy Industries will improve the Subaru Levorg and use Japan’s first Advance Safety Package, an advance safety equipment, as a factory option. They plan to release this on April 21.

The Levorg has a high reputation regarding safety because it is equipped with the EyeSight (ver.3). They plan to enhance the safety on all sides of the vehicle and strengthen the overall safety performance by developing the Advance Safety Package.

The Advance Safety Package will be equipped with four feature set: the Subaru rear vehicle detection (rear precaution support feature), the side-view monitor, the high beam assist, and the EyeSight assist monitor.

The Subaru rear vehicle detection functions for the left and right rear detection during reverse, and rear detection during travelling. The side-view mirror is a feature that allows to confirm the left and right blindspot, which improves the safety of the vehicle whichever direction it is going.

The high beam assist has an automatic switching function, from headlamp high beam to low beam and vice versa. The EyeSight assist monitor is a feature that shows the operating status of the EyeSight to the front window, and it can confirm the status through a slight eye movement, which then would assist the driver to be able to focus on driving, and increase the safety.

In addition, they used a new damper that optimize the friction on the GT suspension of the standard grade; the riding comfort was improved. The 1.6 GT EyeSight’s performance was improved to have a 17.6km/liter (JC08 mode) fuel economy, and it achieved the fuel efficiency standards for 2020. It targets the eco-car tax reduction.

It costs from 2,775,600 yen up to 3,564,000 yen.

Furthermore, the Proud Edition series, special specification vehicles, will be expanded on the Levorg, and they are planning to release this early summer 2015. The Proud Edition series comprises special specification vehicles which commemorate the acquisition of the Advance Safety Vehicle Plus (ASV+*3), the highest JNCAP rank, in the Preventive Safety Performance Assessment of vehicles equipped with Subaru’s EyeSight.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)