Subaru Exiga Crossover 7

Subaru Exiga Crossover 7 Launch: Subaru’s top cosmopolitan 7-seater SUV

Subaru unveiled the Exiga Crossover 7 on April 16. It is a vehicle recognized as an urban SUV with a lower minimum ground clearance, which is 170mm, compared to the Forester’s 220mm, the Legacy Outback’s 200mm, and the XV’s 200mm. They exhibited the presentation and the actual vehicle of the Crossover 7 at the test drive event of the 2014 vehicle lineup held prior to the release.

This vehicle was commercialized as the Crossover 7 concept, which was exhibited at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. The presentation was carried out by Tomoyuki Nunome, the project general manager in Subaru Product Planning Department. He explained that the Crossover 7’s features has a variety of functions and it is an all-purpose vehicle. Its target customers are 30s to 40s active adult age group, and 50s to 60s active seniors.

In other words, it is an SUV that targets the young family who wants to enjoy outdoor, family travels, and others; those who want a vehicle they can ride together with their children’s family; and a generation who wants to prioritize hobby, more than child rearing. It has an impression that it truly is a multi-purpose, superior vehicle. It is a 7-seater, which shows it considers usage not only of a single family.

A luxurious European-style vehicle can be felt thoroughly with its tan and the two-tone glossy black colors in the interior. The steering wheel is designed to elaborate the two-tone black. They gave it dealer options such as the LED liner, exclusive ornament used as a side sill guard, and light window molding and rear garnish. These are likely to show presence in the city nights.

The total width is 1800mm, thus it will be compatible for a multi-storey car park. It should accommodate anyone everywhere in a single unit. The Crossover 7 is developed as a 2.5-liter EyeSight single grade (current Exiga is a 2-liter turbo engine four grade). It costs 2.55 million yen (excluding tax).

They aim 600 unit monthly sales in Subaru (currently March 22). The concept is easy to understand and the structure of the displayed vehicle is solid. Because they have a wide range of target, the cost performance is not bad for those who really need it. Senior generation will desire for SUV and crossover vehicles under the influence of European vehicles. However, I can say that the family groups have been choosing a minivan by default. The success of the crossover concept likely depends on how to get through these target groups.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)