Subaru Impreza Sports 2.0i EyeSight Proud Edition

Subaru creates special specification for Impreza, XV, Forester as commemoration of the Preventive Safety Performance Assessment high ranking

Fuji Heavy Industries created the Proud Edition series special specification vehicles of the Impreza, the XV, and the Forester. They plan to release the Impreza and the XV on April 14, and the XV hybrid and the Forester on June 1.

The Proud Edition series are special specification vehicles that commemorate gaining of the highest rank in the Preventive Safety Performance Assessment of the vehicles equipped with EyeSight. It uses parts that enhances the vehicles’ overall texture and user-friendliness more, in addition to its high-safety performance. It also has an affordable price setting.

The Impreza uses parts that are equipped on the luxury grade, such as the keyless access and the push start. In addition, the 2-liter vehicle is equipped with an 8-way power driver and and passenger seats, and 16-inch aluminum wheels, which make it a finer model. It costs from 1,803,600 yen up to 2,365,200 yen.

The XV was specially equipped with EyeSight, which improves the safety on the 2.0i entry grade, and with a clear-view pack, which additionally costs 108,000 yen. It costs 2,365,200 yen (2,678,400 yen for HV vehicles).

Although the Forester is a special specification vehicle that costs 2,581,200 yen, similar to the base 2.0i-L EyeSight, it has improved interior and exterior. It also incorporates parts that enhances its user-friendliness for daily use.

Furthermore, the Proud Edition series is also available in the Levorg and they plan to release it early summer of 2015.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)