Natural Sound Smoother

Mazda CX-3 Launch: The 14% equipment ratio of the diesel sound reducing system, is it high or low?

Mazda launched a new compact crossover SUV model, the CX-3 on February 27. It uses a Natural Sound Smoother, the world’s first technology that reduces the knocking sound in a diesel engine.

The Natural Sound Smoother improves the engine sound quality by suppressing the knocking sounds generated when you start the car and slowly accelerate. With its system that effectively absorbs and attenuates the energy of its knocking sound, the damper inserted in the piston negates the knocking vibration out of combustion.

However, according to Keisuke Saito, head of the Domestic Marketing Division and Brand Promotion Department, the equipment ratio of the Natural Sound Smoother still remains at 14% of the total purchases as of now.

Also, the Natural Sound Smoother is being sold as a maker option with innovation packages, which include the i-ELOOP deceleration energy regeneration system for 64,800 yen. The lowest XD grade is not equipped with the smoother, but the middle and high grades can be equipped with this system.

“It also became a set option along with other options so if you will equip it with a Natural Sound Smoother, the total amount of the option will range from 162,000 to 280,800 yen. Moreover, if you attach it with another option, the Bose Sound System, the space in the car trunk will become smaller, hence, there are people who are hesitant about doing so,” he explained.

Meanwhile, he also added, “There are also customers who say that they do not encounter any problems even without the smoother. When I asked the opinion of younger people, I found out that they do not have negative comments about the diesel engine and it is well received as an advanced engine.”

Even though the equipment rate of the Natural Sound Smoother was what they expected, Saito honestly confessed, “I hope that it will further increase. At this point, we want to study about it and consider doing some revisions.”

Furthermore, the highest equipment ratio among the different model grades is in the high grade XD Touring L Package which is at 40%. The middle grade XD Touring is at around 8%.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)