Honda S600

Honda S660 Launch: Photo Feature – It has a lower hip-point than the S2000

The hip-point height was one of the important points of the S660, which has a mid-ship layout. Compared to the 375mm hip-point height of the S2000, its hip-point has been lowered by 40mm to 335mm to give the S660 that ‘go-kart’ feel. Incidentally, the NSX has a hip-point of 325.1mm.

It has a wheelbase of 2285mm, and its overall length, width and height are 3395mm, 1475mm and 1180mm, respectively. The curb weight of the MT model is 830kg, while the CVT is 850kg.

The engine generates a maximum output of 64ps and a maximum torque of 104Nm. It is mounted with an exclusively-tuned turbo engine, the same type of turbo engine mounted to the N-Series. The maximum rpm of the MT model is 7700rpm, while the CVT model can easily rev up to 7000rpm. Furthermore, the MT model is the first kei car mounted with a six-speed MT.

It is outfitted with high-performance Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 tires. To achieve front-rear balance, since it is in mid-ship layout, the front is outfitted with 165/55R15 tires, while the rear is outfitted with 195/45R16 tires. The front suspension uses MacPherson strut, while the rear suspension uses a dual-link strut setup.

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)