Mazda CX-3

Mazda CX-3 Launch: One-third of customers chose it over Honda Vezel

The new Mazda CX-3 compact crossover SUV, which was released on February 27, saw over 10,000 orders in its first three weeks on sale. Mazda domestic brand development department manager Keisuke Saito says, “About one-third of these customers had compared it with the Honda Vezel before deciding on the CX-3.”

According to Saito, the two deciding factors were its exterior design and its clean diesel engine. He says, “For those who chose the Vezel instead, it appears that the CX-3 lost in terms of backseat space, luggage space and the ease of loading luggage.”

Aside from those who said there weren’t any other particular models they were considering, the other two-thirds were divided between those looking at the Mini Crossover and other Mazda models like the Demio and CX-5.

Among those who chose the CX-3 over other cars, says Saito, there were those who wanted to downsize as well as those who wanted something bigger. He says, “If you consider that the Demio’s compact size its main draw and for the CX-5, it’s the spaciousness as an SUV, this leaves a wide demographic for the CX-3.”

Of the delivery time, he said, “We’re still holding onto our original plan of about a month for delivery.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)