Scion iM

2015 New York Motor Show: Scion iM has same specs as newly improved Auris

The new Scion iM, the latest addition to Toyota’s Scion brand aimed at young drivers in the US, is virtually the same as the newly improved Toyota Auris. The new iM was unveiled on April 1 at the 2015 New York Motor Show.

Until now, the Scion iM appeared to be based on the Toyota Auris. However, on April 6, Toyota unveiled the newly improved Auris for the domestic Japan market and now it can be seen that the Scion iM’s design is exactly the same.

What the Scion iM shares its design with is the newly improved Auris’s RS sports grade. The RS’s standout design features include its mesh grille, aero parts and aluminum wheels. The Scion iM shares these features.

The engine, a Valvematic 1.8L in-line 4-cylinder gasoline engine, is also the same. There is a slight difference in tuning, with the Scion iM putting out 137hp and the Auris 144ps. The 6-speed MT transmission is also the same.

Beyond that, it’s been revealed that the Scion iM is meant to be the brand’s sporty hatchback in the US. Scion promoted the model at a press conference for the motor show, saying, “We created the iM sporty hatchback in response to the needs of young drivers.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)