Toyota GRNM86 Scoop image

The countdown to the release of the Toyota 86 hyper-performance model

Do you remember the GRMN86 Concept that was at the 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon? It’s Gazoo Racing’s hyper-performance model based on the 86 that’s set for a market release.

Prototypes made some appearances here and there on the circuit or wherever, and a GRMN86 Prototype is slated to appear at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon. Since it was first unveiled three years ago, it’s finally on the home stretch to hitting the mass market.

The prototype we’ve caught a glimpse of looks like it’s packed with the highest hyper-performance specs possible with large-sized stationary rear wings, engine feed with ventilation, large-sized alloy wheels, and no back seats.

But what about the power train? It’s expected to be tuned with a 2L Boxer Engine that gets 240ps.

They haven’t decided yet when it will be unleashed upon the world but we’re hoping it will be within 2015.

(Translated by Greg Scott)