Subaru Sambar Van Transporter

Subaru’s improved engine combustion efficiency gives all-new Sambar & Dias Wagon greater fuel efficiency

Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) released the all-new Subaru Sambar Van and the all-new Dias Wagon on April 3.

The all-new Sambar Van and the all-new Diaz Wagon feature electronic throttle control, and their respective AT versions feature electronically controlled four-speed AT. Increasing the compression ratio improved the engine combustion efficiency of the NA car, enabling all grades of the Sambar Van to meet the 2015 fuel efficiency standards. Furthermore, the Sambar VB Clean 2WD’s emission rate is 75% lower because of the improved exhaust gas cleaning. It meets the 2005 emission standards, enabling it to become eligible for eco-car tax reduction.

The Sambar Van features an audio space widened by 200mm. It also offers more options for its navigation and audio systems. The special edition car has a new package called ‘Black Interior Pack,’ which features interior and equipment in black. The improved design, quality, durability and practicality for daily use strengthened its competitive advantage.

The price of the Sambar Van is between 939,754 and 1,440,257 yen, while the Dias Wagon is between 1,409,400 to 1,744,200 yen.

It should be noted that Subaru’s Sambar Van and Dias Wagon are the same models as Daihatsu’s Hijet Cargo and Atrai Wagon.

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)