New Lexus RX at 2015 New York Motor Show

2015 New York Motor Show: Show Car Library – New Lexus RX a premium SUV to preserve and surpass the RX line

The new Lexus RX, which is its 4th generation model, was designed using the theme, “To surpass the RX while staying true to the RX.” The aim is to further improve the car which has earned a great deal of trust from customers while also pushing it into new territory as a premium crossover.

The wheelbase is 50mm longer than the current model. By extending the wheel radius to 20 inches, they’ve given a serious sense of presence to its strong underbody with its stately proportions. While keeping its ample interior, it has a smooth and elegant cabin silhouette.

From the spindle grille in the front, which sets the SUV apart, all the way to the rear, the body has a rhomboid shape. The wheel flairs that overhang the wheels quite a bit give it an even more smooth and stately appearance. It has the headlamps with their three L-shaped lights, which is a hallmark of Lexus. The L-shaped tail lamps that wrap around the rear body are a first for Lexus.

(Translated by Greg Scott)