Honda S660 Mugen parts sports silencer

Honda S660 Launch: Mugen to sell FRP hardtop parts on August

The kei convertible S660 launched by Honda on March 30 is currently equipped with a removable soft top. However, they will be launching an FRP-made hard top from Mugen (M-TEC) this summer.

Tetsuya Furutani of Mugen product development division mentioned that, “Originally, Honda wanted to manage it directly, but there were some parts that did not work well with the negotiation in terms of costs, so Mugen will be producing those parts. Currently, Mugen is still developing those and we plan to release it on August.”

The FRP-made hard top will be coated in glossy black, and it will be equipped in exchange with the standard roll top part. It costs 235,000 yen and according to Furutani, they assumed that it will be heavyweight with a 20kg front and rear parts.

Aside from that, Mugen has also prepared three types of finisher parts—the stainless, carbon and titanium parts, together with the setting of sport silencer with dual type designs. The development group of S660 said that they were particular in developing the engine and exhaust sounds, but according to Furutani of Mugen, it was commercialized to eliminate its sporty sound more.

For the price of the sport silencer, the stainless finisher type costs 105,840 yen; the carbon type costs 17,640 yen; and the titanium type costs 149,040 yen. Its sales will start in the middle of May.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)