New Mitsubishi Triton (2015 Bangkok International Motor Show)

2015 Bangkok Motor Show: Next flagship of Mitsubishi, its new diesel engine’s true ability

The Mitsubishi Triton pickup truck was given a facelift by the end of last year, appearing with additional body variations on the lineup for January. A special test drive course for customers was provided at the venue of the assembly hall, where I was able to test drive the new Triton.

What got me interested was the quality of its diesel engine. Actually, Mitsubishi developed two types of engines for the new Triton, a type that generates 128ps/240Nm at 2477cc displacement and a type that generates 181ps/430Nm at 2442cc displacement. To elaborate, the latter is referred to as 4N15 type, first used in the Outlander (export version). It is a newly developed unit first installed in the Outlander in a vertical layout.

Previously, it was made of iron, but this new unit uses an aluminum block. Aside from generating a substantial output and an increased torque, it is also the next generation diesel engine compatible with the Euro 6 (However, the Thailand version is compatible with the Euro 4).

For the first time, they used a Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control system (MIVEC), a mechanism that switches the valve timing, in a diesel engine. It contributes to an increase in output and a smoother feel when the engine is running, both being the car’s main features.

“The new diesel engine has improved gas mileage as it has increased the power. It also features a quiet interior combined with a high-soundproofing performance.” says Hideyuki Hatori, responsible for the product planning at Mitsubishi Motors Thailand.

In fact, its difference was clear when compared with the old unit type. First, the vibration and the rattling sound characteristic of the diesel are completely different. Moreover, it has a smooth engine pick-up and it is possible to achieve easy maneuverability and comfort that is typical of the latest diesel engines.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)