Mazda2 Sedan (2015 Bangkok Motor Show)

2015 Bangkok Motor Show: Show Car Library – Mazda2 Sedan, Asian sedan not yet launched in Japan

Mazda launched the Mazda2 (Demio in Japan) equipped with a gasoline 1.3L SkyActiv engine at the 2015 Bangkok Motor Show. It has the same body as the hatchback being sold in Japan. Developed in Thailand, this sedan will be available in two models. This article features photos of the sedan that has not yet been released in Japan.

The new Mazda2 Sedan features exquisite proportions, poweful styling, and a luxurious and sporty cabin. It is a compact sedan that offers excellent running performance and environmental performance at higher dimensions. It features a hatchback design, which incorporates Mazda’s ‘Kodo – Soul of Motion’ philosophy, with a newly added trunk. The design looks compact despite having no changes to its appearance.

Other than the trunk in the rear, its features, such as the interior and the door shapes, are exactly like the hatchback’s. In addition to the variant equipped with a 1.3L SkyActiv-G engine that is being launched now, the Mazda2 Sedan will also be available with a 1.5L SkyActive-D engine, a variant that has been launched at the start of 2015.

Compact sedans are popular in the Thai market. In fact, after the previous generation Mazda2 was released, young Mazda2 owners and others who are keen with designs have established the ‘Mazda2 Sedan Fan Club’.

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)