Toyota Crown Athlete S Sky Blue Edition

Toyota Crown 60th Anniversary edition comes in bright green & blue colors

To commemorate Crown’s 60th anniversary, Toyota will release a special edition in bright green and sky blue colors. Toyota will accept orders for a limited time period from April 1 to 30. The production is scheduled to start in June 2015.

The bright green 60th anniversary edition Crown was developed based on the Athlete S (hybrid, 2WD) and the Athlete S Four (hybrid, 4WD) that were featured on Crown’s TV commercial, which has been broadcast in Japan starting July 2014.

The front grille of the Crown’s current model features a black finish (lattice part). It is also outfitted with 18-inch aluminum wheels with a black spattering finish. The sky blue and bright green body colors represent freedom and feelings of freshness when you ride the Crown.

The leather upholstery is in white, the color set as the special edition color. The instrument panel side and the door trims are in sky blue, while the exclusive stitching is in bright green. These colors featured in the interior give the 60th anniversary edition that ‘special edition’ atmosphere.

The price ranges between 5.55 million yen and 5.766 million yen.

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)