Toyota Camry Extremo (2015 Bangkok Motor Show)

2015 Bangkok Motor Show: Toyota Camry has a custom setting like the Mirai?

Toyota Motor Corporation promoted its brand by setting the Camry as a premium sedan in the 2015 Bangkok Motor Show. In Japan, it is exclusively a hybrid model but in Thailand, it also has a gasoline-operated model. Its 2L model also has the custom Extremo.

This Extremo is a sporty custom developed in Thailand. The reverse triangular design of the front mask that was arranged mainly on its left and right parts had the impact of resembling the latest fuel-cell vehicle (FCV) Mirai. Its rear bumper has two mufflers and an exclusive design with the style of a diffuser, leaving a clean impression of the Camry. Its 17-inch wheels were also exclusively designed.

The Camry 2.0G gasoline model costs 1,310,000 million baht (about 4,860,000 yen), and this Extremo costs 1,429,000 baht (about 5,260,000 yen). It is a great luxury car. By the way, the hybrid car costs 1,679,000 baht (about 6,180,000 yen).

Toyota also exhibited the Corolla Altis ESport, a genuine custom model, near the main street of the Bangkok Motor Show venue. The degree of attention given to the combination of the popular sedan and the custom seemed high; the Camry Extremo also drew interest among the attendees.

I often notice self-customized cars mounted with such aero parts. I also often see taxis with fancy spoilers. From pickup trucks to compact cars, the value of sedans, luxury cars, and standard vehicles within the changing lifestyle of the Thai market, together with the value of custom cars might go higher.