Suzuki Alto Turbo RS

Photo Feature: Suzuki Alto Turbo RS puts 64ps turbo engine on 670kg body

Suzuki began sales of the turbo version of its Alto, the Alto Turbo RS, on March 11. It’s the first time in 15 years that Alto Works has released a turbo model.

The Turbo RS’s engine puts out 64ps and 98Nm of torque. This powerful unit is installed on a 670kg 2WD lightweight body. The transmission is a 5AGS (Auto Gear Shift) with a paddle shifter only.

The body has a strut tower bar and high-rigidity front bumper member. Furthermore, through improvements in the thickness of the brackets and extensions for the cowl front panel and the upper part of the suspension, the body’s rigidity is further increased.

The suspension and brakes have specialized tuning. The newly developed light aluminum wheels and Potenza RE050A sports tires give it linear handling and a sporty drive for better safety.

(Translated by Greg Scott)