The New Roadster's headlight that makes you feel its gaze from anywhere

New Mazda Roadster: Its headlights are like the eyes of a Buddha statue, feel their glance follow

There were very interesting details during the design presentation in the trial event of the preceding mass-produced New Mazda Roadster. The new model is built out of necessary components including packaging, design, and equipment. Aside from that, a “certain effect” from its headlights was unexpectedly conceived.

The ND Roadster uses a LED system for its headlight covers (the outermost lens) so that it would not stick out its body. Therefore, the headlight unit is very small, the long front and rear parts were shortened, and the lighting was situated inwards.

While it was under development, they talked about how its eyes seemed to be gazing at their direction. Actually, its lights were placed inwards so it projects an effect like that of ‘Gyokugan (crystal eyes)’ of a Buddha statue. The Gyokugan is a method of embedding crystal eyeballs on the Buddha statue to make you feel its gaze from any direction you may be.

I tried to look at the Roadster’s headlights in various directions because they said so, and found out that it certainly gazed back at the onlooker. This effect was neither aimed for nor predicted, rather it was coincidental, but those eyes gave the Roadster a mysterious power. I have never seen such a car until now. I might fall in love with it if it keeps staring at me. The ND Roadster is a car with a mysterious power.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)