Mazda CX-3

Mazda CX-3 Review: “AT that has good compatibility with diesel” by Yoichi Moroboshi

The CX-3, a Demio-based B-segment SUV, has attracted attention as a vehicle equipped with only a 1.5-liter diesel turbo engine.

People tend to pay attention to the MT since all grades of the CX-3 are available in MT. However, the license system in Japan also had an effect; many people may demand for AT vehicles soon. AT vehicles are available in 6-speed similar to the MT.

The 1.5-liter diesel engine mounted on the CX-3 generates a high torque from a low rotation. Therefore, it has a very good compatibility with the AT. There is a powerful acceleration, as if it is jolting forward, when I stepped on the accelerator pedal. Although that is natural, it easily obtained a powerful acceleration since most of the efficient gears can be selected in case of AT.

If you want to accelerate, you should step on the accelerator pedal. It feels like you can channel its power. Its powerful acceleration feel is rather smooth like a gasoline engine. Although it is an FF I enjoyed its acceleration feeling as if it is jolting from behind. I may like this powerful jolt.

The handling was basically firm and it smoothly followed the movement of the steering wheel. It has a bigger body roll because of its height being higher than the Demio’s, but it did not lose its firm feel. It has a good steering feel while its cornering and tire grip are easily grasped.

Speaking of diesel vehicles, although vibration and noise are part of the concern, the good part of the CX-3 is that it set apart those negative things. In fact, a new mechanism called natural sound smoother is used on the diesel engine of the CX-3. Thanks to this natural sound smoother where you can choose an option only for AT, its vibration resistance has been further improved.

â– 5 Star Rating
Packaging: ★★★★
Interior/Comfort: ★★★
Power Source: ★★★★
Footwork: ★★★★
Recommendation: ★★★

Yoichi Moroboshi | Motor Journalist

He became a freelance journalist at 23 years old after working as an editor for an automotive magazine. He has competed in races like the Fuji Freshman series in his late 20s for seven years. He does motorsports photography and works as a photojournalist. His hobby is cooking.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)