New Mazda Roadster

New Mazda Roadster: Mazda begins accepting reservations for new Roadster that has 990kg lightweight body & costs starting 2.49 million yen

Mazda Motor Corporation began accepting reservations for pre-sales discussions for the new Roadster at the Roadster website on the noon of March 20. At the same time, the details of the Japanese version such as the price, specification, and colors were also revealed.

The fourth generation Roadster uses the latest SkyActiv technology and it achieves lighter weight than the previous Roadster (more than 100kg) through downsizing and distributing optimal functions, and by expanding the use of lightweight material. The base grade model achieved a lightweight body close to the first generation Roadster, which is only 990kg.

Its body size is also compact. While maintaining an interior space similar with the previous model, the total length is 3915mm, the shortest in the history, and the total height is 1235mm, which is lower than the previous Roadster.

The equipped SkyActic-G 1.5 engine is vertically-positioned, offering a pleasant acceleration feeling from low rotation to high-speed range. It generates 131ps maximum output and 150N・m maximum torque. With the combination of the 6-speed MT for the newly developed FR or with the 6-speed AT with an increase stability, it is suitable for lightweight sport and produces a nimble ride.

Mazda’s exterior design theme, Soul of Motion has evolved and it achieved beautiful proportions where the form of the rider stands out due to the short and low front overhang and compact cabin. In addition, it has maintained a visibility where you can easily grasp the situation of the surroundings and vehicle due to the front header that was made thinner, and the A-pillar that was moved backwards.

The body has a lineup of seven colors, mainly the Ceramic Metallic that has a distinctive texture where it changes its appearance due to the light, and the Soul Red Premium Metallic.

The interior uses a symmetrical design where the steering and the triple meter are placed on the axis in front of the driver, and the air conditioning outlet is placed on its left and right.

Furthermore, a vertical pleat pattern is given on the center seat and they created a tight cockpit, where one can concentrate on driving, by forming a single shaft in a longitudinal direction.

Mazda has expanded three grades, the S, the Special Package, and the Leather Package. The commercial price ranges from 2,494,800 yen to 3,142,800 yen.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)