Suzuki Alto Turbo RS

Photo Feature: Suzuki Alto Turbo RS New Model Launch – Interior and exterior accessories highlighted to make it special

Suzuki released the new Alto Turbo RS on March 11. The Alto Turbo RS is a competent model that has a sporty run. Aside from its excellent performance, its interior and exterior parts are also furnished with exclusive materials that boost its sporty image.

Although its exterior was based off of a standard vehicle, it is also equipped with many exclusive materials aside from its plating and red accent. It has a very special finish. Particularly, the silver accent added in the front-end mask and wheels are impressive.

Its black interior is accented red, and its front seats are exclusively equipped with high grips and three tachometers. It thus gives off a very sporty ambiance.

In terms of safety, aside from the standard Radar Brake Support, false start suppression function, emergency stop signal and ESP, it also uses a lightweight shock absorbing body for absorption and dispersion of shock during collisions.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)