Suzuki Alto Turbo RS

New Suzuki Alto Turbo RS Launch: Turbo model to come back after 15 years

On March 11, Suzuki Motor Corporation plans to release the new kei-car Alto Turbo RS that features a sporty running performance. The turbo model of the Alto is coming back for the first time in 15 years. It is its first appearance since the Alto Works vanished from the vehicle line-up in the end of 2000.

The Alto Turbo RS is equipped with a newly developed lightweight body, that is only 670kg, and the R06A-type intake VVT turbo engine (2WD vehicle). It generates 64ps maximum output and 98N・m maximum torque. It achieves a sporty and direct running performance since it is mated with an exclusively tuned Auto Gear Shift (AGS) that has paddle shifters. Moreover, it only came with automatic transmission. In addition, it also achieved an excellent fuel efficiency of 25.6km/liter. (2WD vehicle) This was thanks to the idling stop system.

Its body is equipped with a strut tower bar and a high-rigidity front bumper. Suzuki plans to thicken the extension bar, the upper bracket in the suspension and the cowl front panel to further improve the vehicle’s body rigidity.

Suzuki will give exclusive tuning to the suspension and brakes. It achieved a stability that can support a linear steering and a sporty performance through the combination of the newly developed lightweight aluminum wheels and the Potenza RE050A sports tires.

The exterior has a plated red accent based on the standard vehicle with a simple and clean form. In addition, a number of exclusive parts have been arranged and mounted on the vehicle affording it a special impression. Three colors: white, black, and red, are provided for the body.

The interior is given a red accent with a black tone. It is provided with a triple meter with an exclusive front seat and tachometer that enhances its operability. It also emanates a sporty atmosphere.

A radar brake support, a false start suppression function, an emergency stop signal, and an ESP are standard equipment. In addition, it uses a lightweight shock-absorbent body that absorbs and disperses shock during a crash.

The price for the 2WD model is 1,293,840 yen and 1,405,080 yen for the 4WD.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)