Mazda CX-3

Mazda CX-3 Launch: “Plaster” motif makes new body color

Mazda developed the CX-3 with a new body color, aiming to express its freshness, sharpness, and modernness in line to the car’s concept.

This was a comment from Akihiro Hosono of Mazda production design studio color & trim design group. He also mentioned, “We thought about creating a different color that has a material that feels different for that concept.”

Until now, Mazda has been highly regarded for its powerful sharpness and deepness with its metal quality through its soul red color. However, they discussed about departing from that when they were developing the CX-3; they wanted to try this through using a new color that is different from their usual trend. Hosono added, “The basic objective of Mazda’s color design is to firmly express its molding, then somebody proposed about expressing its design through plaster art, resulting to our discussion.”

When you study about designs and drawings, plaster figures are often used to simply express moldings as if one is firmly doing a rough sketch. “While we were trying it out, it showed extreme smoothness with a matte and delicate feel. Moreover, we considered having its entire body express that same quality.”, he said.

Hosono also said that they went through trial and errors in making the design. But as a result he said, “While we achieved the required transparency and visibility for the tires. It has a color that reveals the car’s true feature, looking like a grayish ceramic-metallic car.”

Hosono said that, “Ceramics as an industrial good can be used in gears as new raw materials. It can also be finely molded to desired outcomes, and it has something that can be linked with the CX-3’s concept so we decided to also tag it as ‘Ceramic'”.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)