Mitsubishi Town Box

Mitsubishi offers new Minicab Van and Town Box with Suzuki OEM parts

Mitsubishi has given its Minicab Van kei-commercial van and Town Box kei-passenger car a full model change and the new models go on sale March 20.

The changes this time around put it at the top of its class in terms of interior and storage space by things such as expanding the wheelbase. They also seek to put it at the top of its class for fuel efficiency through changes like its new engine, new transmission and lighter body. The new models also feature improved safety features, coming with e-Assist advanced preventative safety technology as a standard feature.

The Minicab Van’s interior storage length, width and height, as well as its tailgate and rear seat sliding door are width and height put it at the top of its class. By combining the flat floor of the storage space with the square exterior design, it offers excellent loading capacity. The light body, new engine and new transmission give it a strong driving performance and fuel efficiency of 20.2km/L (JC08 mode).

The Town Box is also the best in interior space, and also features a variety of comfort and convenience features that make it perfect for everything from everyday driving to leisure driving. The new turbo engine, which is designed for both high-speed and long-distance driving, gets 16.2km/L (JC08 mode), making it the best in its class for fuel efficiency.

Both models use Suzuki OEM parts.

The new Minicab Van sells for 939,600 to 1,502,280 yen. The new Town Box is 1,609,200 to 1,814,400 yen.

(Translated by Greg Scott)