Suzuki iK-2 (2015 Geneva Motor Show)

2015 Geneva Motor Show: Suzuki iK-2 keeps spaciousness while showing flowing lines

Suzuki Motor Corporation unveiled the concept car iK-2 at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. Automobile Chief Designer Kazufumi Uchiyama said that the naming ‘2’ contains a meaning that both quality styling and packaging have both been attained.

“The iK-2 is a vehicle that will be offered worldwide. Therefore, we considered maintaining its proportions as a vehicle and impress the customers. The cabin is designed to be smaller than the body and the tires to have a suitable balance.
It is finished with a form that is relatively close to the commercial model.” (Uchiyama)

Its main feature is a sleek cabin. Uchiyama said, “We narrowed down the part that does not affect the passenger space and used it as part of the design. It was a challenge not found in compact cars that appeal to customers with their conventional space.” That expression can be understood further when looking at the vehicle from behind. Its silhouette is emphasized where the rear fender is placed wide and low .

It’s target customer has been set towards families or those from slightly higher age brackets compared to Suzuki’s flagship compact car, the Swift. Accordingly, it provides a rear seat space and trunk capacity. Although the interior of the displayed vehicle was not visible, its trunk is expected to have a C-segment capacity.

“In addition, it has a merucry-like color and body design.” said Uchiyama. Light reflects from one thickness to another, making it seem as if it is a flowing liquid emanating an elegance that suits their target customers.

The commercial model of the iK-2 is scheduled to be introduced to the European market in early 2016.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)