Lexus LF-SA at 2015 Geneva Motor Show

2015 Geneva Motor Show: Lexus unveils ultra-compact LF-SA

Lexus unveiled the LF-SA concept car at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show on March 3.

The LF-SA is a concept car for the ultra-compact class. The current entry model in the Lexus lineup is the CT200h. The LF-SA is being considered as a new entry model to hold a position just below the CT200h.

The LF-SA was built entirely at ED2 in Nice, France, from the original planning stages to completion. It is 3450mm long, 1700mm wide and 1430mm tall.

Designed with city driving in mind, the exterior was built for easy maneuvering and handling in narrow places. Its body is finely chiseled so that it appears to change shape as you look at it from different directions.

The interior has a 2+2 body style. Although it has a compact appearance, the dashboard is done in a wide arc that gives the interior a much spacious feeling. The driver’s seat is fixed but the steering wheel and pedals can be adjusted. The passenger seat slides to allow easy boarding for the back seats.

(Translated by Greg Scott)