Toyota Alphard G F Package (Hybrid)

Toyota Alphard/Vellfire Launch: First month orders total 42,000, 6 times monthly sales goal

Toyota announced on February 27 that in the month since the release of the new Alphard / Vellfire, orders have exceeded its sales goal six-fold, with a total of 42,000 orders taken.

The Alphard, which has a monthly sales goal of 3,000 units, saw around 20,000 orders. The Vellfire, which Toyota planned on selling 4,000 per month of, has seen around 22,000 orders. To break it down by power train types, the Alphard gasoline version has had about 13,500 orders and its hybrid version has had around 6,500. There have been about 17,500 orders of the Vellfire gasoline model and 4,500 for the hybrid.

In addition to the high-quality comfort of the drive, the driving safety performance, and advanced features like the panoramic monitors, customers who ordered the new models also gave excellent feedback for the new Executive Lounge grade with its spacious specially made second row of seats.

(Translated by Greg Scott)