Mazda CX-3

Mazda CX-3 Launch: Chief designer says design refined to suit small scale

On February 27, Mazda unveiled its new compact crossover SUV, the CX-3. The domestic Japan version comes in only a 1.5 liter diesel engine version and the monthly sales goal is 3,000 units.

The CX-X has the same chassis as the compact Demio and hence the same wheelbase. However, beyond that, the dimensions are different. It’s what you might call compact crossover embodiment of the “kodo” design spirit. Mazda design division’s chief designer Yoichi Matsuda says they did everything they could to give it a beautiful new design to suit its small scale through refining its features to suit the smaller scale.

He specifically mentions as examples refinements such as the large-diameter tires and wheels, its “tight cabin” which looks small from outside, and the hood’s long nose. He says that what designers aimed for was, “A design you couldn’t say was ripped off from the Demio.” When you look at the actual car from the side, what’s impressive is the sense of length. It definitely doesn’t remind you of the Demio and it exudes a sense of calm and safety.

(Translated by Greg Scott)