Honda Jade

Honda Jade Launch: “The customers’ anticipation to use” should lead exterior design

Honda launched a new model of the Jade tcapable of loading up to 6 passengers. Its exterior was designed with the theme of a”stylish car” that is also more spacious for better occupancy.

How did they express the contrasting concepts? According to Researcher Ryo Nakayama of Honda Technical Research Institute for four-wheel R&D center design room studio 1, “The real theory in expressing its automobile concept is that the cabin looks good when it is sleek and small; however, it should also have a thick body attached with a fenders which seem able to stand firmly on the ground”.

However, when asked if the Jade is more like a Honda car, he explained, “Once again, I think its main themes that we want to express are its spaciousness and stylishness and how we are going to conceptualize the design for the contrasting parts.”

If we look into the design on the side, it has a curvy beltline. “The ground is the basis of all horizontal things. There are already tires attached to it. If Honda designs the beltline in a normal horizontal-line styling and simply offers that to the customers, it would make the car look very dull. Therefore, we tried to conceptualize it by arranging the tires and body to form a straight line. In other words, if the tires are hidden by the line of the cabin it will look as if it is standing firmly on the ground.”, said Mr. Hagiwara

The people inside the car would look cramped if the beltline were to be simply elevated (by focusing on the thickness of its body). He said that it would be different from Honda’s concept of space consciousness. “When you are driving, you will see not just the parts surrounding the car’s cockpit. It would be great if you can also clearly look at the sea and the vast skies. The biggest thing about it is that we thought about how you can share the scenery with the people riding on the passenger seat and the rear, and that the excitement in using this car will rule its styling.” He closed his comments explainging about the exterior design and the curve beltline feature.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)