Honda Jade

Honda Jade Launch: Design concept seamlessly puts together opposite themes

The Honda Jade’s interior design is based on a combination of two contradictory design concepts of “A Sense of the State-of-the-Art” and “A Natural Feeling.”

About the “naturalness” of the Jade, Honda R&D Center Design Studio 1’s chief designer Yasukazu Hagihara says, “We attained the natural feeling through the use of a great deal of wood grain and its interior spaciousness.”

However, he says, “The monitors for the instrument panel and the console around the shifter have a futuristic look. We managed to put these disparate design elements together very well.”

The instrument panel, which uses wood grain throughout, was a consideration since the dawn of its design concept. Between the upper area where the meters are located and right in front of the steering wheel, there is a large space. Hagihara explains, “When tossing around ideas, we considered attaching a lid and creating a repository there, but decided to leave it with its wood grain. The result is one of the design features that give it a sense of naturalness.”

The position of the futuristic console is slightly high. This is so that drivers can use an electric shifter called “shift by wire.” Hagihara says, “This type of shifter uses very slight movements like a joystick. So, if it’s attached too far below, it becomes hard to use. Since it’s easier to use when it’s closer to the driver’s hand position, we moved it higher.”

Another reason is that a battery has to be placed underneath. Hagihara says, “As a result, there’s more personal space.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)