Honda Jade

Honda Jade Launch: Color options chosen to make Jade look its best

Honda says the Jade’s color concept is to offer luxury-grade colors that make it look its best.

The company is offering seven colors for the Jade, three of which are variations of silver. The white option uses pearl paint. Honda R&D Center Design Studio 3’s Misaki Mukae says, “We wanted to offer something a little more texture than the basics.”

On the other hand, none of the seven colors are over-the-top. The reasons, says Mukae, is, “In Japan, the minivan market is the most matured. Customers who are buying minivans know a great deal about cars, so we’re offering color options that won’t disappoint.” About the red option, she says, “We went out of our way to present a wide range of subdued colors to meet customer tastes.”

A new color this time around is Mandarin Gold. Honda added this color because for the Jade, the only brownish colors are Champagne Gold and Dark Brown. Mukae says, “For the Jade, we tried to get rid of the character line as much as possible, so we spent a great deal of time experimenting with colors to find those that make it look its best.”

Since the Jade is a global car that is sold in North America and China as well as Japan, Honda held a car clinic to get feedback from its target market. The clinic went well and helped the designers decide on colors. Mukae says, “We tried to get as many opinions from as many different types of people as possible and we found the most fitting color to be Mandarin Gold.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)