Suzuki Every Wagon PZ Turbo (High-roof)

Suzuki updates its Every with enhanced space, convenience, and fuel-efficiency

On February 18, Suzuki will release its fully updated Every microvan and Every Wagon mini car.

The new Every microvan features a cargo space of 1,910 x 1,385 x 1,240mm (length x width x height) and a backdoor of 1,165 x 1,340mm (height x width), both of which are the largest in its class. Its floor height has been lowered by 650mm as well, for easier loading of cargo.

The new Every comes equipped with a DOHC VVT engine (R06A) in NA/turbo. It offers the best fuel-efficiency in its class at 20.2km/liter (PA, GA-2WD, and 5AGS models; JC08 mode) along with a powerful ride.

As for the new Every Wagon, its interior features a width of 1,355mm, a top-of-the-class height of 1,420mm (high-roof type), and a length of 2,240mm, the longest amongst mini cars. In addition, it offers the largest legroom in its class at 1,080mm due to the extensions of its wheelbase and sliding capacity for the rear seats.

The engine produces powerful torque from low speeds and is loaded with R06A turbo for relaxing rides at high speeds. By combining a 4-speed automatic transmission with optimized torque to its turbo engine, the Every Wagon offers an easy ride and the best fuel efficiency in its class at 16.2km/liter (2WD model; JC08 mode).

It also comes equipped with convenient features such as one-action power sliding doors, electric auto step, and automatic power door locks.

Both the Every and Every Wagon are equipped with advanced safety technology which includes the first radar brake support system in its class.

The Every is priced at ¥923,400~¥1,426,680 and the Every Wagon at ¥1,425,600~¥1,782,000.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)