Mazda Roadster Prototype

Mazda Roadster Prototype Launch: A design that makes the driver look stylish

Mazda will release a new model of the Roadster on June 2015. Its exterior was designed in such a way that people who see it as a sports car would think that it looks stylish.

Masanori Minamisawa, in-charge of the exterior design from production studio exterior design group of the Design Division, said; “I was challenged to create a new form for the Roadster; a model which we can all solidly enjoy once again”. Minamisawa was also in charge of the exterior design of the previous generation Roadster models; he also said that he, personally, developed emotional attachments with the design process of the new model.

Moreover, he also said “I conceptualized it while thinking about how I could develop it with Mazda’s KODO – Soul of Motion Design.”

He also said that he wanted to make it powerful in the sense that the new design can easily be identified even at a far distance. However, does this mean the previous generation model lacked power? I guess Minamisawa did not mean it that way. “I intended for the previous generation model’s design to be simpler and more modern. We aimed for a modern design on the first generation Roadster model, and it ended up close to that.” Further, he added, “I want to conceptualize the new model as a sports car, including its running form; that will make the viewers think that it looks stylish. That is what we are aiming for now.” he explained regarding the difference of the designs’ orientations.

Another essential point that he highlighted was the importance of the car looking stylish even when a person is riding it. He said that they are designing it to conform with Mazda’s Jinba Ittai concept.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)