Lexus LF-SA Concept

Geneva Motor Show 2015: Lexus to debut their LF-SA Concept for a “new category”

On February 17, Lexus announced that it will unveil their LF-SA Concept at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show next month in Switzerland.

Lexus has yet to reveal any details for the LF-SA Concept at this time. However, the Japanese automaker stated, “This concept was developed to create a new category of vehicles.”

The LF-SA Concept represents Lexus’ passion towards design trends of the future. According to Toyota’s luxury brand, by placing importance on the driver, the LF-SA Concept displays Lexus’ vision as a luxury car.

Lexus’ current lineup consists of vehicles from their entry model CT200h to their top-of-the-line LS saloon. “New category” could mean that the LF-SA Concept will take over from the CT200h as their newest entry model.

Lexus has revealed only a single teaser image of the LF-SA Concept, which shows a wide front with its spindle grille at the center.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)