D1 LFA manufactured by OTG

2015 Osaka Auto Messe: Osaka Toyopet displays LFA and D1 vehicle of 86

Osaka Toyopet displayed the Grand Prix racing models and customized models created by the company’s motor sport department OTG Motor Sport, at the Osaka Auto Messe 2015 held in Intex Osaka for three days starting on February 13 until 15.

The D1 vehicle of Lexus LFA that was manufactured by OTG (Osaka Toyopet Group) stood out remarkably at the Osaka Toyopet booth. Osaka Toyopet is a local dealer located at the corner of building number 5 where the Toyota/Gazoo Racing booth is. Although the elegant appearance of the normal LFA has remained, its amazing nature is emanates from the body equipped with over fenders and huge rear spoilers.

In its center part, they placed a TRD V8 engine and a sequential transmission for NASCAR rather than a normal V10 and transaxle-type semi-automatic transmission. It seems to have about 800ps at present. However, it seems able to reach more than 1000ps when mounted with a turbo engine; it is worth saying that they are planning to participate in this year’s D1.

On another note, next to it was the OTG’s D1 86 that had fully participated in 2014’s D1 Grand Prix. Although its appearance is that of the 86, it is also equipped with NASCAR’s TRD V8 engine. According to the mechanic personnel at the venue, “Although it is heavy, it is a very durable engine.”

Last year, other than the D1 Grand Prix, OTG’s BMW Z4 raced in the GT300 class together with the LM Corsa, a Super GT racing team. This year, in addition to the Z4, they also plan to introduce the Lexus RC F GT3, a whole new vehicle that is currently under development. In addition, they will be participating with a two unit lineup, just like the the 86/BRZ race last year. In general, although Toyota dealers hold a solid impression, it is more likely said that it is Osaka Toyopet that is truly exceptional.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)