Honda N-Truck

2015 Japan Camping Car Show: N-Truck is stripped down but versatile

Honda’s concept kei-truck the N-Truck, which it displayed at the 2015 Japan Camping Car Show, is a version of its base model the N-Box, but stripped down to only the essentials.

Yoshikazu Kigoshi of the Honda R&D Center’s design department says, “We believe that when you strip away all the unnecessary, you give it a whole new sense of value. For example, if it sharper turns, it can drive on roads other trucks can’t.” He says that this was the starting point for the N-Truck’s design.

Kyoichi Yokouchi from the R&D Center’s Design Studio 2 says that they removed 500mm from the N-Box base model only from the front door back. He says, “We kept as much of the original base model as possible, so up until the front door, it’s the same. Since the N-Box has a center tank layout, we could cut as much as we wanted from the back without any problems.” The only serious change is that the N-Box’s unique lengthwise muffler is given a 90-degree turn so that it doesn’t stick out.

Although the luggage space is small, Yokouchi it’s deep and two levels can be made. Because of this, he says, “We built it so that you can put a cooler in the bottom compartment and everyday items in the top. You can use two coolers to separate items of different temperatures. You can also sit on the rear gate, so you can fish off the gate and the back can be your live box.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)