Honda Jade Hybrid X

Honda Jade Launch: Photo Feature – Distinct cabin interior with its 2+2+2 car seat configuration

Honda launched the new six-seater Jade on February 13.

The second and third row seats of the Jade are in a two-seater configuration. The second row seats are named ‘V-Slide Captains’ Seats,’ which feature a new slide function. When one the captain’s chair is slid backwards, it shifts towards the center of the car; hence, the position of the two captain’s chairs will separate when slid forwards. Meanwhile, the left and right seats of the third row can each be folded independently.

Posed to be a successor to the Stream, the overall length, width and height of the Jade are 4650mm, 1775mm and 1530mm respectively. Compared to the Stream, the Jade is taller, wider and lower by 80mm, 80mm and 15mm respectively. The wheelbase is also longer by 20mm. With these dimensions, it can be parked at a multilevel parking garage just like the Stream.

The price of the Jade starts at 2.72 million yen.

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)