Honda Jade

Honda Jade Launch: “Its performance will impress car enthusiasts”, says chief developer Innami

Honda R&D Co. Chief Developer Yasutaka Innami, developer of the minivan-type new hybrid car model “Jade” launched by Honda on February 13, proudly said “The performance of this car will certainly be resounding to car enthusiasts,”

He added, “The third and fourth generation Odyssey, and the second generation Stream. These four types of car have the most number of Honda fans; results also show that many users are particular with the riding performance. As for the Jade, its primary theme was about the combination of its styling and interior space. However it focuses on its riding performance as well as pursuing its original performance as a car.”

Above all, he stressed, “Although kei cars and compact cars are dominating the market, I believe that this vehicle’s performance will certainly make a great impression on car enthusiasts. We are currently working on that in development with much conviction.”

He explained specifically, “Regarding its riding quality, it is completed with a silky riding feel by adopting the double wishbone suspension in its rear, and polishing the basic performance of its chassis. This car was developed in order to achieve a sense of unity with the steering, that is more than or equal to that of a sedan, in order to produce a refreshing new angle.”

He continued, “We aim for a car that offer no stress during the long distance drives, and one that makes customers want to drive it endlessly. By having a balance in higher dimensions for its fine quality and freshness, it achieved a high overall quality and a smooth riding

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)