Honda Jade

Honda Jade Launch: A new minivan that combines previous generation Odyssey and Stream

Honda revealed on February 12 that the sales for the new Jade will begin on February 13. The new Jade has a 1.5L engine with a seven-speed DCT incorporating a built-in motor, the same system used by other hybrid cars such as the Vezel. There are two grades available and their prices (including tax) are 2.72 million and 2.92 million yen.

The luxury grade is mounted with Honda Sensing, a safety system that has functions such as automatic braking. This makes the Jade the second model next to the Odyssey that is mounted with this system. It has a wagon-like exterior and driving position, but has a minivan-like occupant comfort and utility while possessing a low vehicle height. Although it will receive a three-series license plate, with its overall height and width of 1530mm and 1775mm respectively, it can be parked in a multilevel parking garage.

Honda Technical Research Institute Chief Developer Yasutaka Inami revealed, “In the early stages of its development, it has been decided that it will be a combination of the Stream and the Odyssey (with all of its previous generations).” Both are minivans with low vehicle height that were popular from the late 1990s to the mid-2000s. Currently, there are 850,000 existing units.

Inami added, “The sales demand for this genre is currently declining and the market is sluggish as well, so we did our best to create a new passenger car that is neither a sedan nor a minivan. This car has the right size to realize both occupant comfort and utility. Those who are switching from sedan will find the driving position comfortable as well.”

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)