Honda Jade

Honda Jade Launch: “An elegantly designed vehicle with everything you need for this new age”

On February 12, Honda Motor Company announced that their all-new Jade hybrid minivan will be released on February 13 starting at ¥2,720,000. The new Jade features a sedan-like low body with the comfort and utility of a minivan.

The power unit is a hybrid system based on a 1.5-liter direct-injected i-VTEC engine. Its high-output motor is built into a 7-speed dual clutch transmission system.

At Honda’s press conference in Tokyo on the 12th, Senior Managing Officer, Sho Minekawa stated, “The new Jade is compact yet features a spacious interior and represents Honda’s idea of passenger cars for this new age.”

Mr. Minekawa added, “We named this vehicle after a precious stone that’s used for making jewelry. The Jade features the elegance of a jewel and offers everything you need for this new age. We believe it will not only attract long-time minivan users but also those who have been driving station wagons as well.”

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)