Toyota Succeed

Toyota Succeed Review: “Active even if it seems to be a mere inexpensive compact leisure wagon” by Naoki Aoyama

I tried driving the facelifted version of the Toyota Succeed, a van usually used by salesmen.

My first impression on its appearance was, “Its boxiness did not change, but it now looks very much like a wagon.”

The Succeed is ranked a luxury over its brother vehicle, the Probox. Its engine is a combination of a 1.5-liter and a CVT. It has gas mileage that is very efficient at 18.2km/liter in JC08 mode gas mileage.

By the way, its actual gas mileage has no shortcomings at 17km/liter when passing through Tokyo Metropolitan at a speed of 80km/h (1 passenger and no load).

This kind of vehicle is basically a front two-seater. So, the packaging and user-friendliness prioritize the front seats. Its storage around the front seats and the quality of the equipment surprised me. It has a pull-out table where I could take my lunch (or put an A4 notebook computer), a smartphone holder, and a 100V/100W&DC12V concept for charging inside the vehicle when I am working. The center tray had a size where I could completely put in business bags. In response to the demands of business customers, it also has a drink holder to hold up to a liter of your preferred drink.

A built in-type monitor in the rear-view mirror has been provided for 43,200 yen for when the luggage compartment is full.

The Succeed is a vehicle that is not talked about just because of its quality running performance and its texture on performance. It is now also equiped wih a vehicle stabilizing equipment, VSC&TRC, hill start assist, and emergency braking signals. Lastly. no compromises were made when it came to safety.

Even if you look at it in a favorable way, its driving performance is still just that of a van. However, the riding comfort on the front seat is not that bad. The shock is comparatively big when passing through bumps. However, after all it is a tough compact car with more riding comfort. Lastly, I am bothered by its running noise. The reason is that, it is too inexpensive for it to have sound insulation and sound absorbent materials. Therefore, it is noisy in the passenger seat and I could not sleep.

Despite this 1.5-liter engine, high-speed driving is sufficient when it comes to its dynamic performance. Its stability is also the best without any shaking even when turning corners.
The latest Succeed can have a running performance without anxiety. At 4.9m, its minimum radius of gyration has excellent maneuverability.

I should have noticed the luggage compartment as one for a vehicle for work. The floor has vinyl upholstery where I would not mind stains (the same is true for the rear seats behind). The square aperture is 117cm wide and 85cm high. The floor depth on its usual state is 107cm and 113 to 138 cm in width. Its height is 125cm. If I were to bring down the rear seat, it would become almost a flat floor and the depth would expand to 170cm.
It is easy to use as an everyday partner you can rely on since it is wide and spacious.

I took my opportunity of coming into contact with the Suceed and tried letting our big household dog ride in the luggage compartment. Evidently, getting on and off the vehicle was comfortable because the 57cm aperture ground clearance was lower compared to many other station wagons, there were no bumps in the aperture, the floor was wide, and the ceiling was high.

From the quality of such utility, it is true that it seemed like it can be used as quite a compact wagon. Even general customers will be impressed with its equipment and storage area around the driver”s seat. White and silver colors are very typical of a business vehicle. However, dark colors such as black are also cool. It is stylishly dressed up and it is ideal as a play material because is only worth around 1.5 million yen. It is even ideal for giving dogs rides. The luggage compartment part is very easy to clean. There is no need to worry about leaving odors since there is no carpeting.

However, one last thing I would like to take note of are the rear seats. The cushions on the flat board of the seats are thin and sitting on them for a long time, both over long distances and rather short distance, is not that good. Therefore, I want to think of it as a two-seater basic. As for general customers, this basic two-seater vehicle is a cheap wagon I want to recommend to dog lovers, sports lovers, and outdoor lovers.

â– Five Star Rating
Power Source:★★★
Foot work:★★
Pet friendly:★★★★

Naoki Aoyama| Motor Journalist/ Dock Life Journalist

He became a freelance motor journalist after working as an editor for an automotive magazine. He started as a writer to specialist on automotive magazines, then general news magazines and websites. He also worked on publications about pets (dog) and overseas travel, pet and drive-related television programs as well as events. He is currently, expanding his career as a producer of Dog-lifestyle shows.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)